Enhance Government Relations to provide stronger voice in DC for members

  • Mobilize membership for advocacy (Consider impact of 5% of members contacting Congress!)

  • Provide training and advice for advocacy at Section level

  • Accommodate member feedback through social media discussions and surveys

  • Strengthen partnerships with other professional organizations

  • Address additional important issues: STEM diversity, digital privacy, intellectual property, H-1B reform, etc.

Increase IEEE-USA visibility, accessibility, and reputation

  • Publicize IEEE-USA accomplishments and programs by articles, talks, Op-Eds, social media, etc.

  • Distribute news through IEEE app, hold discussions on Collabratec

  • Reach out to numerous non-members who interact with IEEE through Xplore, Collabratec

  • Recruit more volunteers, especially Young Professionals; provide micro-volunteering opportunities

Build upon membership initiatives of current President, President-Elect

  • Partner with IEEE societies to develop promotional materials to recruit new members 

  • Solicit modest IEEE funds for Regions to conduct member retention activities; provide IEEE-USA assistance

  • Conduct hands-on workshops connecting engineers with venders of cutting-edge technology tools

Effectively represent U.S. members at IEEE Board of Directors

  • Collaborate with Region directors to identify and address issues important to U.S. members

  • Explore alternative membership and financial models to improve the IEEE membership value proposition

  • Promote openness and transparency